The Voices in my Head

About this course

Dr. Eleanor Longden, an internationally recognized researcher and speaker, presents a radically different understanding of auditory hallucinations, which in turn provides a rationale for significant changes to the current standard of care, one which emphasizes peer groups and social interventions.

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Eleanor Longden is an internationally known researcher with a special interest in psychosis trauma, and dissociation. She is a three times TED speaker, and a trustee of Intervoice: The International Network for Training, Education, and Research into Hearing Voices and Soteria Network UK. She has lectured and published internationally on promoting creative, person-centered approaches to understanding and recovering from psychosis. She is the author of Learning from the Voices in my Head (TED Books, New York: 2013), and is current a Research Associate, Institute of Psychology, Health and Society at the University of Liverpool, UK.

Class Curriculum

Learning objectives

  • Be able to explain the role of psychosocial adversity in influencing the content and characteristics of voice hearing, including that experienced in the context of psychosis.
  • Be able to identify at least one method of psychological formulation to understand and interpret the emotional conflicts embodied by voices, and to utilize this information in clinical practice in ways that serve recovery.
  • Be able to identify at least three points of the contribution of peer-to-peer initiatives for creating a sense.

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