The Voices in my Head

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Dr. Eleanor Longden, an internationally recognized researcher and speaker, presents a radically different understanding of auditory hallucinations, which in turn provides a rationale for significant changes to the current standard of care, one which emphasizes peer groups and social interventions.

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Eleanor Longden is an internationally known researcher with a special interest in psychosis trauma, and dissociation. She is a three times TED speaker, and a trustee of Intervoice: The International Network for Training, Education, and Research into Hearing Voices and Soteria Network UK. She has lectured and published internationally on promoting creative, person-centered approaches to understanding and recovering from psychosis. She is the author of Learning from the Voices in my Head (TED Books, New York: 2013), and is current a Research Associate, Institute of Psychology, Health and Society at the University of Liverpool, UK.

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