How Vermont Discovered the Possibility of Recovery

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Courtney Harding lays out the empirical base for the recovery movement with this first module on the Vermont Long-Term Outcome Study. She explains how a combination of social support, hope, and modest use of medications produce far better outcomes than have generally understood to be possible in the field.

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Courtenay Harding was trained at the University of Vermont and Yale and has been a professor of psychiatry for more than 3 decades. Currently, she is a Visiting Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Her research has included lead participation in two three-decade NIMH studies of schizophrenia and other serious disorders. Her work on redesigning systems of care has taken her to 30 states and as many countries. Prof. Harding received the Alexander Gralnick Research Investigator Award from the American Psychological Association’s foundation for “exceptional contributions to the study of schizophrenia and other serious mental illness and for mentoring a new generation of researchers.”

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  How Vermont Discovered the Possibility of Recovery
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