Early Assessment Support Alliance

A One-of-a-Kind Early Psychosis Intervention Project

Note: This webinar was held on April 28th, 2017

A recorded video of the webinar is now available online.

Note: This lecture does not currently provide continuing education.

About this Webinar

The Early Assessment Support Alliance (EASA) Center for Excellence provides training, research and support for Oregon's statewide network of early intervention programs.

Ryan Melton, PhD at Portland State University is the clinical director for Oregon's statewide network of 27 programs offering assistance to young people going through a first psychotic experience and their families. The EASA projects are unique in that they build on nearly 2 decades of outcome research and represent a pragmatic blend of psychosocial models.

This 90 minute recorded webinar describes EASA, its history of expansion and clinical evolution including the approach to the use of psychiatric medications and psychosocial approaches. Dr. Melton presents data on outcomes and compare EASA with Open Dialogue and other programs. The recording includes questions and discussion.

Who should view this webinar

This course is designed to educate mental health professionals (psychologists, social workers, licensed professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, nurses, psychiatrists, and peer service and support workers) as well as the general public.

Your Instructor

Dr. Ryan Melton graduated from Pacific University in 2000 with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. Dr. Melton earned his Ph. D. from Oregon State University in 2012. Currently Dr. Melton is the clinical director of the EASA Center for Excellence at Portland State University’s Regional Research Institute (RRI). In addition to his work with RRI, he provides clinical and technical assistance to early intervention programs similar to EASA nationwide. Dr. Melton has been honored by the State of Oregon’s Department of Mental Health and Addiction by receiving its Mental Health Award of Excellence in 2010 and the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Emerging Leader Award in 2011, the Western Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Presidential Fellowship in 2012 and the Leona Taylor Award in 2013. Dr. Melton’s current research focus is on the impact of interventions with individuals experiencing early psychosis, including engagement strategies, cognitive enhancement, and feedback informed treatment.

Dr. Melton also has a small private practice in which he supervises mental health clinicians for licensure in Oregon and provides training on current evidenced based mental health practices and trends. Finally he enjoys training for and participating in running, cycling and triathlon events and playing Legos with his two young daughters and is a strong advocate for the health care needs and resources for individuals with mental illness.

"EASA's Mission is to support young people in staying on their normal life path by uniting the strengths and voices of young adults and their allies to create a thriving community and revolution of hope!" -Ryan Melton